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Boost Your Ad Campaigns: 5 Hottest PPC Trends to follow in 2017

Author : Soumyajit Chakraborty Mar 01, 2017 PPC
PPC Ad Campaigns Service

The world of digital marketing is that of constant evolution. Year-by-year the trends for various aspects of digital marketing have been evolving. And that too, for the good!

As all the marketers run in the race to gain more conversions, they lose the track of the latest trends being introduced in the digital world. If you’re a digital marketer who still struggles for conversions, even after a whole lot of ad campaigns, you’re doing something very wrong!

Nonetheless, it’s always better to be late than never! If you’re still looking forward to having a new and improved digital marketing strategy with a better ad campaign, you’ve landed just at the right spot!

A competent digital marketer would always give the best shot in making his pay per click advertising campaign, a huge hit! Off course, you can hire any PPC or AdWords campaign management company new york to do the math for you.

But to stay on top, you have to stay updated!
Below are the 5 hottest PPC trends that every digital market must follow in 2017 and even after that:
1) Google AMP for Ads

After working on a mobile platform for a faster loading speed of news articles, Google has now brought the same technology for the pay per click advertising campaigns!
Yes, we’re talking about the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages! The AMP is an open source framework that helps in the creation of articles that load much faster, especially on mobile devices.
Recently, Google announced the AMP for Ads program that helps the marketers create ads on the AMP platforms.

The framework already supports different ad types and the ads can even be sped up if they load from the cache of Google.
With a recent partnership with the Cloudflare and TripleLift, Google is going to enhance the AMP ads, so the marketers must buckle up to adapt!
However, since most of the ad campaigns are still not optimized for mobile devices, the Google AMP for ads is still not being widely used. But the future is bright for this technology!

2) Smart Targeting Techniques
In digital marketing campaigns, especially when it comes to Facebook ads or PPC ad campaigns, most marketers have learned to target the audience.
But with the rising demand of audience targeting that is running parallel to the demand of keywords marketing, the future of PPC is all about smart and personalized audience targeting!
While you’re running your pay per click advertising campaign, do not forget to reach the target audience in a more personalized manner.
With the advancement of targeting techniques, the marketers are able to target the audience based on the devices they use, their behavior, age, along with their interests and demographics.
Also, while targeting the audience, more emphasis must be laid on the lookalike audience. For those who don’t know about the lookalike audience – it is that group of people who share similar interests with your targeted audience and so, these must be targeted by your PPC ad campaigns as well!
All your marketing work related to audience targeting can be performed by any AdWords campaign management company new york.
Make it a note that targeting the right audience with the right technique can make you strike rich with your PPC campaign!
3) Database Marketing
Got the information of your audience for email marketing campaigns?
What are you doing with this information? Are you just compiling it in your email marketing software? Is that all?
This information can be really valuable to you, not just in terms of email marketing, but for your PPC ad campaign too. This kind of information helps you prepare a user database of your audience.
When your marketing efforts are more direct, based on the database of your users or audience, it is called Database Marketing. And according to the latest PPC trends, Database marketing is the new thing that every marketer should follow!
The most competent PPC management services NYC can be availed to gather the database information.
The name, phone number, email address, address, etc. of your audience compile together to form your user database. This information can be used in abundant ways to reach your customers.
So why stay confined to just email marketing? You can reach your audience directly and more creatively with Database Marketing!
4) Remarketing
To get to their audience or prospects, the marketers are following the newest method of marketing – Remarketing!
The clever marketers follow this technique to induce their audience for conversions. As the content strategies like dynamic content came in light, the marketers can now easily target their ads to the audience that shows an interest in their product.
Let’s consider Amazon as an example. You must have browsed through several products on Amazon without making a purchase. We all do that sometimes!
We might close the tab and start surfing the internet for some other things. But that is not all for Amazon.
Wherever you go, Amazon follows you. That is why all the Google or Facebook ads or any other similar ads for Amazon show the same products on your browser, that you’ve been looking at, before.
It seems like magic sometimes! But actually, it’s just another smart PPC boosting technique! This latest technique can be followed by availing the best PPC management services NYC.
5) Video Ads
In 2016, we have seen a tremendous change in the delivery of content that the huge content marketers have been following. The content is not just limited to written text, but it has broadened its spectrum to a great extent.
And the same goes with the ad copies!
No one bothers to stop by and read a huge paragraph that speaks for your product! 2017 is the year to get precise and creative and so, video advertising is the new trend in digital marketing!
This is why most of the marketers have already switched to generating video ads and the ones that still haven’t, must go for it this year!
So, 2017 is bound to be a year of lots of updates and advancements. If you don’t pace up, you would lag behind in this race of digital marketing!
These 5 hottest trends for your pay per click advertising campaign will help you keep up with the fast-changing digital marketing trends! So, pull up your socks and be all set to hit it big!

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The cog-in-the-wheel of SoftProdigy, Soumyajit is a born leader who owns an undisputed passion for IT. His zeal to learn keeps him updated about the latest IT trends that he loves to jot down and share with others. He has been the man of letters behind countless IT publications over the internet.
Soumyajit loves to keep his genius mind well-fed with the information about new technologies and IT trends and bring them into action through SoftProdigy’s services.
He is a great motivational leader and an idyllic figure for his team. He prudently tackles all the challenges related to work and keeps things smooth and progressive.

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